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Are Your Teeth Yellow?

Do your yellow, dull teeth make you look tired and stop you from feeling comfortable and confident? Get dramatic, instant results with Philips Zoom teeth whitening and achieve teeth 8-15 shades whiter in just one visit. A brilliant, bright, white smile will take years off your age and give you the confidence to smile again! Get in touch with the experienced team at Pitt St Dental Centre to find out how to get your brilliant, bright, white smile.

Causes of Discolouration

Diet, lifestyle and genetics all play a role in the colour of your teeth. Whether it’s a daily coffee, morning cigarette, medication, ageing or simply just genes, yellow teeth are a common concern across people of all ages.

Yellow teeth can add years to your age, making you look unhealthy and tired. A simple Philips Zoom Teeth whitening treatment can take years off your age, boosting your confidence and self-esteem and making you glow with health and vitality. Studies show that people with whiter teeth are considered to be more successful and affluent, so why not book in today?

Discolouration can occur over years, slowly changing the way your teeth look and feel. Whatever the current state of your teeth, discolouration does not have to be permanent. We’re able to offer a wide range of treatments to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

Effective Solutions

Regular check ups and teeth cleaning help you maintain a healthy and glowing smile and prevent gum disease which can have an overall effect on your health and general wellbeing. At Pitt St Dental Centre our dental specialists provide expert advice to ensure you’re aware of the best oral practices at every stage of life.

If you’re looking for a dramatically and instantly whiter and brighter smile, Philips Zoom teeth whitening gives you 8-15 shades whiter teeth in just one hour. With a simple, non-invasive in chair solution with only one session required, you can achieve a brilliant white smile.

If after teeth cleaning and Zoom Philips teeth whitening you’re looking to further enhance your smile, why not chat to our team about dental veneers. They can help you to design the smile that you’ve always dreamed of!

Whiter Teeth in One Session

Our Philips Zoom teeth whitening services act fast, delivering dramatic results in just one session. Maintain a healthy and flawless smile with regular teeth cleaning and Zoom teeth whitening for a bright and lasting glow.

Book a free consultation and examination from the professional dentists at Pitt St Dental Centre to find out what our teeth cleaning and whitening services can do for you.

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