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Get Comfortable, Efficient and Discreet Braces in Sydney

Align and straighten your smile with discreet, innovative and efficient braces in Sydney.

At Pitt St Dental Centre, we offer a wide variety of braces to suit your lifestyle and your requirements. We’ll advise on the most appropriate option for you, including metal brackets, clear and tooth-coloured ceramic options and plastic brackets depending on your circumstances.

What are Braces?

Dental braces typically consist of brackets, arch wires and elastic bands that work together by gently aligning and straightening teeth. Used in orthodontics, braces aim to improve dental health by correcting crooked teeth and other teeth and jaw issues.

While braces have previously been associated with teenagers and youth, the days of clunky metal are gone. Modern and innovative braces are providing adults with discreet and effective solutions for aligning teeth.

Braces come in a variety of forms, so choosing the right type for your smile can be a challenge. Our experienced dentists are on hand to provide knowledgeable advice on the most appropriate style of braces for you.

When are Braces Used?

Braces are typically used to correct misaligned teeth and jaws at any stage in life. As adult teeth find their place in teenage years, many people begin to think of alignment and straightening early on. For adults, new types of smart braces and precise technology provide a discreet, simple and efficient way of aligning teeth regardless of age.

Adult teeth can sometimes emerge in different angles, causing crowding or impacting other surrounding teeth. Upper and lower jaws sometimes vary in size, resulting in the appearance of an overbite, where your lower jaw is smaller, or an underbite, where the upper jaw is smaller.

Overbites and underbites can sometimes cause difficulties chewing and may result in extra cavities as a result of uneven or excess wear and tear. Tooth and jaw complications sometimes arise from tooth decay, accidents, damage and sometimes even thumb sucking as a child.

Straightening teeth with braces is fairly simple, working gently to correctly align your teeth and jaw for a natural and flawless smile. Aligned teeth and jaws also improve dental hygiene and minimises the risks of a number of dental complications.

How Do Smart Braces Work?

Braces alter teeth positioning by applying a steady but extremely mild pressure over time. This mild pressure gently moves teeth into the right place. These brackets and the wire system is comfortable, and non painful, but efficient. Periodically, a visit to the dentist is required to add new wires and aid in ensuring the proper movement of teeth.

How are we different with treatment?

At Pitt St Dental Centre, we understand that all smiles are different. Our dentist work hard in making the smile analysis according to the face. We use state of the art and most technologically advanced materials and systems to not only make the straighter teeth but to make the smile which best suits the face. Few examples of the systems are Insignia, Damon, Smile fast.

We take the time to get to know your concerns and requirements to recommend an ideal solution to reach your goals.

Experienced Sydney Dentists

If you’re considering straightening your smile, chat with the experienced dentists at Pitt St Dental Centre. Based in Sydney CBD, we work with patients of all ages to achieve and maintain a flawless, natural and straight smile.

Book a consultation with one of our highly trained dentists for more on how braces could work for you.


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