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CEREC Restorations

CEREC is a widely used high tech system that Dr Cai and his team uses to firstly take a 3D digital model of your tooth on a computer, then to make a porcelain ceramic restoration to replace any of your natural tooth that may be missing.

The gallery on the right shows just some of what CEREC can do. Every restoration is custom-made to exactly fit your tooth because it is made from an exact model of your individual tooth.

The best part is, all this can be done in a single visit, usually in less than an hour.

If you have an old filling that needs replacing and CEREC is appropriate, your dentist will start by removing all traces of the old filling as well as any tooth decay that might be present. Then
CEREC’s 3D camera is placed in your mouth and a digital image or “impression” is taken. CEREC now makes a computer model of your tooth (right).

Your dentist then uses the advanced high tech Computer Aided Design (CAD) features of CEREC to design exactly how your new restoration will look.

Once your restoration is designed on the CEREC computer, a solid block of porcelain ceramic is placed in the CEREC milling unit. Special tools then sculpt your restoration to the finest detail based on the restoration designed on the CEREC computer.

The completed restoration is then bonded into your mouth. The before (left) and after (right) in around an hour!


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