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Mr Yugo Hatai


Dr Michael Cai works with Mr Yugo Hatai to achieve highest quality and best aesthetic results for his patients. Yugo Hatai is a Master Ceramist and recognised as one of Australia’s most talented Dental Technicians. His ability to recreate a natural tooth with his artistic flair and his passion for creating beautiful smiles have changed many patients’ lives, earning the respect of leading clinicians and technicians across the globe.

Yugo established Smile By Yugo in 2008 to create a space to fit his vision to fuse Fashion and Art into the complex area of Aesthetic Dentistry, whilst making restorative work look as natural as possible.

In March 2010 he was selected as the only Australian leader for the 3M ESPE Global Dental Technician Opinion Leader Group comprising of 7 Dental Technicians from around the globe. He is also an opinion leader for several leading companies, and continues to mentor dental professionals by setting a new benchmark. Yugo is renowned for his high quality national and international articles including in various Quintessence publications. Yugo’s lecturing began in 2008 presenting Lava (3M ESPE). He has since lectured internationally, including NZIDT 2009 as the Keynote speaker and plans to continue lecturing focusing on various topics using suitable materials.

In 2011, following the successful growth of Smile by Yugo, he established School of Yugo, an innovative training facility organization and presents a Master Ceramist Course with 60 CPD. He is also a visiting clinical teacher for post graduate Masters course in Prosthodontics / Aesthetics at King’s College London University.

Yugo is currently a student at the University of Sydney, aiming to obtain a degree in Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD), Doctor of Clinical Dentistry (Prosthodontics) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) with his patented invention named Aesthetic Articulator.

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