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When it comes to making a great first impression, a bright white smile is a good place to start. Discoloured or yellowing teeth can be quite off-putting when meeting people for the first time – but admittedly, it can be really difficult to keep your teeth as white as possible naturally when a lot of popular foods and drinks are notorious for staining teeth in the long run.

We’re here to help make deciphering these foods and drinks that are prone to teeth staining a little easier. Here are four types of food and drink that can (unfortunately) stain your teeth the most.

1. Curry

As the flavour of curries is so reliant on the spice turmeric, it tops the list of foods that can potentially stain your teeth if eaten too often. The yellow pigment within turmeric has a high staining factor and is renowned for discolouring teeth over time.

To combat this, make sure you drink plenty of water before, during and after eating curry. This won’t eliminate staining altogether, but can help reduce the longevity of teeth staining. 

2. Soda

Soft drink – or in particular, dark sodas like cola – can cause your teeth to become permanently discoloured. Because of their high acid content, sodas can easily erode your teeth’s enamel, which will make your teeth more susceptible to long-term staining.

If you’re going to consume cola, it’s advised to drink out of a straw to avoid the drink coming in direct contact with your teeth (and therefore, staining them).

3. Tea and coffee

Though these are distinctly different beverages, both tea and coffee contain tannins that can cause long-term teeth staining. Tannins can cause colour compounds to stick to your teeth, and are therefore a no-no for anyone hoping to preserve their teeth’s authentic white colouring.

If you’re an avid tea or coffee lover, consider adding a little more milk to your drink to reduce the potential amount of teeth staining.

4. Berries

The dark pigment found in blueberries, blackberries and other dark berries can penetrate your teeth’s pores and cause obvious staining. In particular, berries can cause a purplish hue on your teeth. The same goes for deep-coloured fruits that are turned into juices – these also have the potential to stain your pearly whites.

If you’re looking for fruits that are less likely to cause teeth staining, opt for a paler fruit like white grapes or white cranberries. These fruits have acids that may also soften your enamel, but they are overall less likely to cause stains on your teeth in the long run.

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