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How Long It Will Take To Whiten Teeth

How Long It Will Take To Whiten Teeth

For busy people, teeth whitening can seem an off-putting process because of how long it is perceived to take. The length of the process is often the first consideration of someone who wants their teeth whitened.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ response to this question. The length of the teeth whitening process is usually dependent on the condition of your teeth (mainly, how discoloured they currently are), and the specific type of whitening treatment you want.

However, approximate timings can be estimated for the overall process. Here’s a glimpse at how teeth whitening works, a few different techniques that can be used to whiten teeth, and an overview of how long whitening your teeth could take.

How teeth whitening works

To whiten teeth, chemicals are used to infiltrate a tooth’s enamel. In most professional bleaching sessions, you’ll have an imprint of your teeth taken and created into a mould. Then, the whitening substance will be placed into the mould, and used to cover all areas of your teeth to whiten them without affecting your gums. The active ingredient in the whitening treatment is designed to break down and deliver oxygen into the tooth enamel, thus lightening the tooth’s colour.

How long does it take to whiten your teeth?

Professional teeth whitening treatment can take between three and four weeks. This time accounts for creating your unique fitted mouthguard, applying the whitening product over a few weeks, and returning to the dentist office for a follow up check-in.

Different techniques of teeth whitening

Depending on your budget and the time you have for treatment, there are a few different teeth whitening techniques on offer. The above process is the most common, and can be referred to as ‘tray bleaching’. Other techniques include at-home whitening strips, specialised whitening toothpaste, or laser teeth bleaching. Though they are available in most supermarkets or pharmacies, strips and toothpastes are generally known to take a little longer to bring you results – but they are a little more affordable than more professional teeth whitening services.

If you’re eager for an efficient, easy and effective option, at Pitt Street Dental in Sydney, we offer a Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed teeth whitening service. This simple procedure uses light-activated technology to brighten teeth in just one session. This procedure works by applying teeth whitening treatment to your teeth using a mouthguard, and then casting an LED light onto your treatment. As with general teeth whitening services, you’ll leave with aftercare instructions to ensure your whitening treatment lasts.

Get a bright white smile with Pitt Street Dental

Why wait to achieve the flawless, whitened smile of your dreams? At Pitt Street Dental Centre, our passion is making the people of Sydney smile. Our highly trained team provide affordable and effective cosmetic teeth whitening services to ensure your smile is in tip top shape. Book a teeth whitening consultation at Pitt Street Dental Centre to create your most bright and brilliant smile.  

Foods That Can Easily Chip Your Teeth

Foods That Can Easily Chip Your Teeth

It may not be front of mind when you’re reaching for a delicious snack, but there are some foods out there that are potentially hazardous to your teeth, and can easily cause cracks, chips or other repairs that are costly and inconvenient.

So, before you add these yummy foods to your shopping trolley, we’ve listed the top 4 food that can easily chip your teeth below. Plus, we’ve also included some helpful advice about what to do if you chip your tooth on any of these (or other) foods.

1. Popcorn

Though a delicious snack, unfortunately, the kernels in popcorn have the potential to chip or crack your teeth quite easily. Popcorn kernels can actually get stuck deep under your gum tissue, and in extreme cases, aren’t always able to be removed by yourself.

2. Meat 

While most meat won’t affect your teeth, bones on meat can have a major impact on your teeth when it comes to chipping or cracking. Accidentally chewing on a bone can cause you to fracture part of a tooth, or worse – you could lose an entire filling. To prevent this, try and consume boneless meats instead.

3. Hard candy and lollies 

In general, hard candies are designed to be sucked and kept in the mouth for a long time, until they dissolve and become smaller. If people attempt to bite down on a hard candy or lolly, it can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to tooth health. They can easily cause chipping or cracking, or parts of the candy can become lodged between tooth and gum, which can be extremely uncomfortable. They are also notorious for damaging existing dental work, including fillings or crowns.

4. Dried Fruit

Though dried fruit is a popular choice for those after a healthy snack, it’s an extremely sticky snack, and therefore a troublesome food when it comes to chipping or damaging teeth. Sticky foods tend to stay on your teeth longer – so make sure you rinse your mouth out with plenty of water, and floss your teeth directly after eating dried fruit or anything else sticky.

How to fix chipped teeth

If a piece of your tooth enamel has chipped off, the best course of repair is to attend your dentist’s office and arrange a filling. Depending on the level of damage that has been caused, your dentist may smooth the edge of your teeth in a procedure called cosmetic contouring, or they may use a conditioning liquid and resin combination in a process called ‘bonding’ to fill in any gaps.

Protect your teeth with Pitt Street Dental

Here at Pitt Street Dental in Sydney, we offer a wide range of options when it comes to tooth fillings and cracking repairs. And, once one of our highly trained dentists has completed your tooth filling, we’ll provide you with comprehensive aftercare instructions. If you’re in need of a tooth filling or repair, book a cosmetic dentistry appointment at Pitt Street Dental Centre today.

Benefits of Whiter Teeth

Benefits of Whiter Teeth

It’ll come as no surprise that at some point in their lives, most people have considered the process of teeth whitening. In fact, teeth whitening is the most requested cosmetic dental procedure here at Pitt St Dental Centre.

Designed to enhance a person’s smile and overall appearance, whitened teeth come with plenty of benefits – and thanks to advancements in dental technology, it’s never been easier, safer or more affordable to whiten your teeth with the help of a dental professional.

If you’re considering having your teeth whitened, here are some benefits your bright new smile may bring you.

They can improve your appearance

Besides general dental health, one of the most common reasons people want to have their teeth whitened is to improve their appearance. Certain foods and drinks have a tendency to yellow or discolour teeth over time, and can diminish overall appearance and attractiveness. Or conversely, it can make your discoloured teeth the first thing people notice about your face.

By whitening yellowed teeth, you’ll not only feel more attractive in your own appearance, but you’ll make sure the first thing people notice about you is your beautiful set of white teeth.

They can inspire a boost of confidence

As we’ve mentioned above, your smile is often the first impression you’ll leave on people you meet – and by having a clear, white smile, you can approach situations with confidence and self-assurance in your smile. This security and self-confidence can prove extremely effective if you’re in social situations where you’re eager to impress, including job interviews, on a date or in important meetings at work.  

They may increase awareness of dental hygiene

It’s natural that once you have a brighter and whiter smile, you’ll want to put more effort into maintaining your dental hygiene and overall oral health. This could mean you’ll brush your teeth more regularly (and on a more consistent schedule), you’ll floss every day, and you’ll book regular dentist appointments to keep your smile in tip top shape.

It’s an efficient, easy process

Lucky for those who are time poor, teeth whitening is an extremely quick and easy process. Here at Pitt St Dental we perform a Zoom Teeth Whitening procedure that uses light-activated technology to whiten and brighten teeth. The process is extremely effective and convenient, as a one hour session with our Sydney dentists can increase your teeth shade up to 15 times whiter. After your treatment, it’s easy to maintain your newly whitened teeth with our useful aftercare instruction manual that’s included in your initial procedure payment. 

Get a bright white smile with Pitt Street Dental

Why wait to achieve the flawless, whitened smile of your dreams? At Pitt Street Dental Centre, our passion is making the people of Sydney smile. Our highly trained team provide affordable cosmetic teeth whitening services to help you feel more confident and proud of your smile. Book an appointment at Pitt Street Dental Centre for a bright and brilliant smile.

4 Main Foods and Drinks That Stain Teeth

4 Main Foods and Drinks That Stain Teeth

When it comes to making a great first impression, a bright white smile is a good place to start. Discoloured or yellowing teeth can be quite off-putting when meeting people for the first time – but admittedly, it can be really difficult to keep your teeth as white as possible naturally when a lot of popular foods and drinks are notorious for staining teeth in the long run.

We’re here to help make deciphering these foods and drinks that are prone to teeth staining a little easier. Here are four types of food and drink that can (unfortunately) stain your teeth the most.

1. Curry

As the flavour of curries is so reliant on the spice turmeric, it tops the list of foods that can potentially stain your teeth if eaten too often. The yellow pigment within turmeric has a high staining factor and is renowned for discolouring teeth over time.

To combat this, make sure you drink plenty of water before, during and after eating curry. This won’t eliminate staining altogether, but can help reduce the longevity of teeth staining. 

2. Soda

Soft drink – or in particular, dark sodas like cola – can cause your teeth to become permanently discoloured. Because of their high acid content, sodas can easily erode your teeth’s enamel, which will make your teeth more susceptible to long-term staining.

If you’re going to consume cola, it’s advised to drink out of a straw to avoid the drink coming in direct contact with your teeth (and therefore, staining them).

3. Tea and coffee

Though these are distinctly different beverages, both tea and coffee contain tannins that can cause long-term teeth staining. Tannins can cause colour compounds to stick to your teeth, and are therefore a no-no for anyone hoping to preserve their teeth’s authentic white colouring.

If you’re an avid tea or coffee lover, consider adding a little more milk to your drink to reduce the potential amount of teeth staining.

4. Berries

The dark pigment found in blueberries, blackberries and other dark berries can penetrate your teeth’s pores and cause obvious staining. In particular, berries can cause a purplish hue on your teeth. The same goes for deep-coloured fruits that are turned into juices – these also have the potential to stain your pearly whites.

If you’re looking for fruits that are less likely to cause teeth staining, opt for a paler fruit like white grapes or white cranberries. These fruits have acids that may also soften your enamel, but they are overall less likely to cause stains on your teeth in the long run.

Get a great smile with Pitt Street Dental

Want the whitened smile of your dreams? At Pitt Street Dental Centre, our passion is making the people of Sydney smile with pride. Our highly trained team provide affordable and effective cosmetic teeth whitening services to ensure your smile is in tip top shape. Book a teeth whitening consultation at Pitt Street Dental Centre for a bright and brilliant smile.   

How To See Yourself With Straight Teeth With Our SmileView Simulation


Many people with crooked teeth daydream about life with a straight and even smile, but hesitate before taking the next step. There are so many questions which are hard to answer. Will the results be worth it? Would it really improve my smile? Would I feel more confident with straighter teeth?

Or, they were hard to answer. But not anymore, thanks to SmileView and the expertise of Pitt Street Dental Centre. Pitt Street Dental is one of the first Sydney dentists to offer SmileView, and we’re finding the technology has incredible results for prospective Invisalign patients.


What is SmileView?

If your teeth are crooked and you are considering a straightening treatment, then you have likely heard of Invisalign. More than 8 million people worldwide have used the revolutionary clear aligners to correct misaligned teeth, from subtle overbites to serious gaps.

Invisalign recently introduced SmileView technology to visualise the results of teeth straightening treatment. All you need to do is upload a smiling selfie, and in less than 60 seconds the app can show you the incredible results of Invisalign treatment.

SmileView uses a sophisticated machine learning algorithm, drawing from a database of more than 6 million teeth movements, to show a simulation of the potential outcome. By modelling the potential results instantly on your phone, you can see the effect of a corrected smile for yourself.


Why you should consult with a Sydney dentist when using SmileView

SmileView has only recently landed in Australia, after being introduced in a handful of other countries last year. The app is simple to use, powerful, and offers a first look at what you can expect from Invisalign.

However, it isn’t perfect. While the image you see is a good indicator of results, it is only a part of the process and not a replacement for a consultation with an experienced Sydney dentist. SmileView can’t guarantee the results will be exactly as you see them, because the app doesn’t get the full picture like we do.


In-person consultation

If you are considering treatment to straighten crooked teeth, you can use SmileView as a starting point before booking your first consultation. Or, we are happy to show you the technology during your consultation to make your decision easier. Then we can go through your treatment options in more detail:

  • What to expect from the treatment
  • How long it will take
  • How it works
  • Complementary treatments you may need
  • Costs and other factors


Complete oral assessment

Crooked teeth might only be part of the problem. Before we can safely and confidently recommend Invisalign as a corrective treatment, our Sydney dentist team needs to know a little bit more about you (and specifically your teeth). In your first consultation, we can take a look at your oral health, identify missing, worn or cracked teeth, and create a tailored treatment plan for a full and flawless smile.

See straight to healthier teeth at Pitt Street Dental Centre

Pitt Street Dental Centre is the Sydney dentist at the forefront of Invisalign treatment. We take the time to understand your oral health needs, for the best possible results every time. SmileView is another tool in our extensive kit of dental treatments guaranteed to give you plenty to smile about.

Book a consultation today to see what could be possible with SmileView and Invisalign.

Our Most Asked Questions About Gum Contouring

Our Most Asked Questions About Gum Contouring

In the last five or so years, make up artists, celebrities and social media have pointed out the apparent importance of contouring your face to define your features. But what does “contouring” have to do with smiles?

Gum contouring is a popular and effective way to transform the appearance of your smile by making minimal changes to the shape of your gums and teeth.

Some people may have a “gummy smile” that they are self-conscious about, which is where gum contouring can come to the rescue.

We’ve pulled together some of the most frequently asked questions we get about gum contouring to help you understand the procedure before you come in for a consultation.


What is Gum Contouring?

Gum contouring is a simple cosmetic procedure that involves removing excess gum tissue to shape the gums in a more aesthetically pleasing way, generally to improve a “gummy smile”.

At Pitt Street Dental Centre, we use state-of-the-art technology to laser away the extra tissue, leaving you with a balanced smile you love.


Is it a Cosmetic Procedure or a Medical Procedure?

Gum contouring is primarily a cosmetic procedure, using lasers to quickly and conveniently remove excess gum tissue without the need for incisions or sutures.


Am I a Candidate for Gum Contouring?

If you have excess gum tissue, giving the appearance of a gummy smile, you are likely a good candidate for gum contouring. However, at Pitt Street Dental Centre, we require each patient to attend a consultation prior to undergoing any procedure.

During the consultation, we can discuss your suitability as a gum contouring patient and address any areas of concern you may have around the procedure.


What is the Procedure like?

Once you have had your consultation and booked in for another visit, your gum contouring procedure is done in one appointment and is quick, efficient and relatively pain-free.

Local anaesthetic is administered to the gums, then your Pitt Street Dental cosmetic dentist will use a purpose-built laser light to reshape the gums and remove extra tissue using thermal energy. Cool, huh?

Pain Levels

Thanks to the improvements in technology, gum contouring does not require incisions or sutures to close the wound, leaving each patient with minimal pain, discomfort and swelling once the anaesthetic has worn off.


Recovery from the procedure may take up to two weeks. During this time, your dentist will provide you with aftercare support to guide you through the recovery process and ensure you recover sooner.

As your gums will be sensitive after the procedure, we recommend you avoid any irritating foods, like spicy meals, cold items like ice-cream or cold drinks, and boiling hot food.

To keep up your dental hygiene and improve the healing process, we also recommend salt water rinses, regular brushing and gentle flossing during your recovery.


Does Gum Contouring Carry Risks?

Any dental procedure can carry risks, so it is important to discuss your situation with your dentist during the consultation phase.

While our team at Pitt Street Dental Centre will do everything we can to minimise risk, patients may experience an allergic reaction to the anaesthetic, an infection post-procedure or they may find that the gum tissue relapses or regrows after they have had gum contouring.

If you experience any issues with your gums or teeth post-procedure, it is important you contact Pitt Street Dental Centre immediately.


Are Gum Contouring and Gum Shaping Different?

The terms ‘gum contouring’ and ‘gum shaping’ are used interchangeably by our team at Pitt Street Dental Centre, as a gum contouring procedure is used to shape the excessive gum tissue around each tooth.


Choose Pitt Street Dental for your Gum Contouring

Gum contouring is a great way to restore your self-confidence and reduce the appearance of your ‘gummy smile’ with a simple procedure.

At Pitt Street Dental Centre, we are passionate about giving patients the smile they always dreamed of, all while upholding our commitment to professional and friendly care.

If you’re interested in gum contouring or you would like to come in for a consultation, contact our team at Pitt Street Dental Centre today for more information.