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How To See Yourself With Straight Teeth With Our SmileView Simulation


Many people with crooked teeth daydream about life with a straight and even smile, but hesitate before taking the next step. There are so many questions which are hard to answer. Will the results be worth it? Would it really improve my smile? Would I feel more confident with straighter teeth?

Or, they were hard to answer. But not anymore, thanks to SmileView and the expertise of Pitt Street Dental Centre. Pitt Street Dental is one of the first Sydney dentists to offer SmileView, and we’re finding the technology has incredible results for prospective Invisalign patients.


What is SmileView?

If your teeth are crooked and you are considering a straightening treatment, then you have likely heard of Invisalign. More than 8 million people worldwide have used the revolutionary clear aligners to correct misaligned teeth, from subtle overbites to serious gaps.

Invisalign recently introduced SmileView technology to visualise the results of teeth straightening treatment. All you need to do is upload a smiling selfie, and in less than 60 seconds the app can show you the incredible results of Invisalign treatment.

SmileView uses a sophisticated machine learning algorithm, drawing from a database of more than 6 million teeth movements, to show a simulation of the potential outcome. By modelling the potential results instantly on your phone, you can see the effect of a corrected smile for yourself.


Why you should consult with a Sydney dentist when using SmileView

SmileView has only recently landed in Australia, after being introduced in a handful of other countries last year. The app is simple to use, powerful, and offers a first look at what you can expect from Invisalign.

However, it isn’t perfect. While the image you see is a good indicator of results, it is only a part of the process and not a replacement for a consultation with an experienced Sydney dentist. SmileView can’t guarantee the results will be exactly as you see them, because the app doesn’t get the full picture like we do.


In-person consultation

If you are considering treatment to straighten crooked teeth, you can use SmileView as a starting point before booking your first consultation. Or, we are happy to show you the technology during your consultation to make your decision easier. Then we can go through your treatment options in more detail:

  • What to expect from the treatment
  • How long it will take
  • How it works
  • Complementary treatments you may need
  • Costs and other factors


Complete oral assessment

Crooked teeth might only be part of the problem. Before we can safely and confidently recommend Invisalign as a corrective treatment, our Sydney dentist team needs to know a little bit more about you (and specifically your teeth). In your first consultation, we can take a look at your oral health, identify missing, worn or cracked teeth, and create a tailored treatment plan for a full and flawless smile.

See straight to healthier teeth at Pitt Street Dental Centre

Pitt Street Dental Centre is the Sydney dentist at the forefront of Invisalign treatment. We take the time to understand your oral health needs, for the best possible results every time. SmileView is another tool in our extensive kit of dental treatments guaranteed to give you plenty to smile about.

Book a consultation today to see what could be possible with SmileView and Invisalign.

Top 3 Treatments Performed By A Sydney Dentist

Top 3 Treatments Performed By A Sydney Dentist

Our clients choose to see us for a wide variety of check-ups and procedures. As the Sydney dentist trusted by families, professionals, celebrities and individuals from all walks of life, here at Pitt Street Dental Centre we really have seen it all.

But one thing is true for every single person who walks through our door: a white, bright smile and good oral health is non-negotiable.

Not only do teeth form part of your first impression but living without pain or bad breath means you can get on with your day with confidence, wearing a smile the whole time.

That’s why our 3 most common treatments are a bit of a mixed bag, all resulting in a beautiful grin for our clients.


1.   Emergency dentistry

Accidents are a part of life, and in Sydney so is sport. You would be hard pressed to find a Sydney dentist who has not received an emergency patient fresh off the footy oval.

However sporting mishaps are not the only time emergency dental care is required. Sudden tooth aches, accidental fractures, flare-ups and unbearable tooth pain can all require an emergency dentist visit.

Pitt Street Dental Centre provide emergency appointments 24 hours, 7 day a week to cover everything from kids’ sporting accidents to emergency fillings for professionals.

There is no need to book an appointment: simply call us in case of emergency to see an experienced Sydney dentist the same day.


2.   Teeth whitening

Are you anxious to show your teeth when you smile because they’re stained or discoloured? You’re certainly not alone: we have performed teeth whitening treatment for nearly 7,000 happy clients right here in our Sydney dental clinic.

The top causes of discolouration include common foods and poor oral hygiene:

  • Coffee, red wine and other dark drinks
  • Acidic foods
  • Poor oral hygiene like not brushing enough
  • Cigarettes
  • Natural discolouration
  • Root canal staining

It might not surprise you that teeth whitening is the most popular treatment our Sydney dentists perform. More than 30% of our clients visit for teeth whitening because the results are just so impressive.

In one Zoom Teeth Whitening session we can brighten your smile up to 15 shades, for a safe and naturally white smile that won’t fade.


3.   Braces & Invisalign

Braces have come a long way since the bulky silver hardware of years gone by. Modern orthodontic braces, when administered by and experienced Sydney dentist, are is more effective, more comfortable and less obtrusive than ever before.

Recent innovations like Invisalign have boomed in popularity – and for good reason. Invisalign clear braces don’t need to be attached to your teeth meaning they can be removed to eat or play sport. Invisalign is designed to blend seamlessly into your mouth, and your lifestyle, offering unparalleled flexibility while they correct misaligned teeth.


Why choose Pitt Street Dental Centre as your Sydney dentist

Pitt Street Dental Centre is the Sydney dentist people turn to for emergency dental care, safe and efficient teeth whitening, braces that really work, and every other facet of dental care.

Our extensive experience and numerous professional associations make us the experts in oral health, for everything from regular check-ups to midnight emergencies.

Schedule a check-up today to discuss your options for teeth whitening or braces, including industry leading Invisalign solutions.