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Are you looking to revitalise and rejuvenate your appearance? Create a fresher, younger and more vibrant look with help from the cosmetic dentists at Pitt St Dental Centre. Based in the heart of Sydney, our cosmetic dentists specialise in both perfecting your smile and your entire appearance.

Achieve a balanced, natural look with our range of quality muscle and wrinkle relaxant injections administered by our highly trained cosmetic dentists in our Sydney practice. Available for both dental and cosmetic services, our injections are administered by highly trained and specialised professionals for an effective and lasting result.

Specially Trained Team

When it comes to understanding muscles and structures of the face, our professionals boast comprehensive knowledge and experience. With in-depth expertise in muscle and wrinkle relaxant solutions and results, we can help you create the natural and balanced look that you want.

Our team is highly trained in muscle and wrinkle relaxants for aesthetic and dental purposes, completing extensive study and research in best practice techniques.

Anti-Ageing and Smile Makeovers

Specialising in smile makeovers, Pitt St Dental Centre’s talented cosmetic dentists utilise muscle and wrinkle relaxants to help you create the smile you want. Able to redefine the muscles around your mouth and face, our dentists utilise their expertise and skill in obtaining the results you’re looking for. Our muscle and wrinkle relaxants are effective in treating gummy smiles and creating a more natural and balanced appearance.

Ideal for anti-ageing purposes, our specialised dentists inject wrinkle and muscle relaxants to minimise the appearance and severity of forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet. A simple, safe and straightforward anti-ageing technique, our injectables develop into a natural look proportioned by the rest of your appearance.

Our muscle relaxants are completely safe and results last up to six months, providing you with a sustainable and effective solution for ageing or gummy smile concerns.

Treating Bruxism

If you suffer from bruxism, also known as teeth grinding and jaw clenching, our cosmetic dentists can help. Operating out of our central Sydney CBD practice, we offer muscle and wrinkle relaxants to relieve pain and consequences associated with bruxism. Muscle relaxants work to improve your quality of sleep and comfort during the day by reducing tension and clenching during sleep.

Sufferers of bruxism often report sore and stiff jaws, necks and backs as well as headaches due to overnight clenching and grinding. Muscle relaxants can be injected into the face to alleviate tension, resulting in less pain and discomfort throughout the night.

A simple and straightforward procedure, you can eliminate bruxism pain and discomfort with help from our Sydney dentists.

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