LIMITED TIME - ZOOM TEETH WHITENING only $550 with $50 cashback!

Philips Zoom! Teeth Whitening – Special Offer: $550

Sydney’s Teeth Whitening Professionals

Are your teeth dull, stained or discoloured? Teeth whitening is our most requested cosmetic dental procedure – and with such successful results it’s easy to see why. At Pitt St Dental Centre, our specialised dental team provides quality Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed services, the whitening system celebrities use! In just one session with our Sydney dentists you can achieve 8-15 shades whiter teeth in one hour. It’s easy to see why Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening is the #1 requested teeth whitening system. Call us now for a bright, white, brilliant smile!

A Whiter Smile in Just One Hour

As dentists of the highest calibre, we take great pride in ensuring that you’re fully relaxed and comfortable throughout all procedures. All you need is one quick in-chair session with our dental specialists to achieve a brilliant white smile.

How it Works

Due to the pores of teeth enamel holding stains, many people experience discolouring or undesirable shades. Luckily, the Pitt St Dental Centre team specialises in administering the effective Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed in the comfort of our own practice. Here’s how it works.

Your dentist applies the treatment to your teeth, protecting your lips and gums with a unique gel. A light is used to activate the whitening treatment, allowing you to achieve 8-15 shades whiter teeth at the end of your session. Following your treatment, your dentist goes through aftercare instructions to ensure a lasting result. You may experience short term sensitivity following the procedure, this is completely normal and your dentist will provide options to ensure any discomfort is minimised.

Your Special Offer

We’re excited to offer our Sydney clients Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed for just $550. Take advantage of our exclusive offer at our Sydney practice, staffed by a team of renowned dental professionals. There are also options for take-home whitening available.

Don’t wait, call us now for your most confident smile yet! For fast and cost effective teeth whitening in Sydney, make an appointment with the CBD’s specialised dental team.

AdvantagesIn ChairTake Home
Treatment Time1 Visit14-21 Day Process
Cosmetic Results8-15 Shades Whiter6 Shades Whiter
Lifestyle ImpactNo Coloured Foods For 2 DaysNo Coloured Foods For 14-21 Days

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