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If you’ve been impacted by an accident, infection or trauma resulting in the extraction or loss of a tooth, you’re probably weighing up your treatment options. Find out more about dental implants and their alternatives and get one step closer to finding the right treatment for you.



Before you make any decisions, it’s important to consider all of your options when it comes to replacing teeth. From fixed bridges and dentures to no treatment at all, here’s what you need to know about dental implant alternatives.

Fixed Bridges

Tooth-supported fixed bridges are the most common alternative to dental implants for missing single teeth. A fixed bridge is attached to the two healthy adjacent teeth in order to provide support. A common issue of fixed bridges is the lack of stimulation of natural bone growth, resulting in the possibility of bone deterioration over time. Bridges generally only last for around 10 years as flossing and maintenance is difficult.

Removable Dentures

Another alternative to dental implants, partial or complete removable dentures can sometimes be uncomfortable, need to be removed regularly and require frequent cleaning and maintenance. Plus, the natural bone underneath may deteriorate over time and change the appearance of your face and smile.

Left Untreated

If you choose to avoid or delay treatment, you may be at risk of jawbone loss. When a natural tooth root is extracted, the surrounding bone gradually loses density. Over time, this can cause serious aesthetic and functionality problems resulting in additional dental treatment and procedures. Treatment sooner rather than later is the best way to minimise bone deterioration.


The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most commonly recommended solution by dentists. With benefits ranging from aesthetics through to the stimulation of healthy bone growth and oral care, dental implants allow you to replace your lost tooth with ease and convenience.

Matches Natural Teeth

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, your dentist will design a dental implant that matches the colour of your surrounding teeth and fits perfectly in the gap. Virtually impossible to detect, dental implants look just like your real teeth.

Longest Lasting Solution

While bridges and dentures need to be replaced and adjusted over time, dental implants are a permanent solution. Dental implants don’t rely on the health of surrounding teeth for stability and offer a superior success and satisfaction rate.

Fuse to the Bone

When placed into your jawbone, the titanium base of the implant fuses with your bone for longevity. Instead of just restoring the crown part of the tooth, you’re able to install a replacement of the actual tooth root and stimulate bone growth in your jaw.

No Cavities

As the implant is artificial, it can’t decay like your other teeth. This means that your implant is completely resistant to cavities. But, while your implant can’t decay, you should still take proper care of the surrounding teeth and gums with regular brushing, flossing and dental checkups.


Learn More About Dental Implants in Sydney

At Pitt St Dental Centre, we are skilled in dental implants in Sydney. Offering high quality dental implants made to match your existing teeth perfectly, our dentists help you replace a lost tooth with a permanent solution.

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