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It may not be front of mind when you’re reaching for a delicious snack, but there are some foods out there that are potentially hazardous to your teeth, and can easily cause cracks, chips or other repairs that are costly and inconvenient.

So, before you add these yummy foods to your shopping trolley, we’ve listed the top 4 food that can easily chip your teeth below. Plus, we’ve also included some helpful advice about what to do if you chip your tooth on any of these (or other) foods.

1. Popcorn

Though a delicious snack, unfortunately, the kernels in popcorn have the potential to chip or crack your teeth quite easily. Popcorn kernels can actually get stuck deep under your gum tissue, and in extreme cases, aren’t always able to be removed by yourself.

2. Meat 

While most meat won’t affect your teeth, bones on meat can have a major impact on your teeth when it comes to chipping or cracking. Accidentally chewing on a bone can cause you to fracture part of a tooth, or worse – you could lose an entire filling. To prevent this, try and consume boneless meats instead.

3. Hard candy and lollies 

In general, hard candies are designed to be sucked and kept in the mouth for a long time, until they dissolve and become smaller. If people attempt to bite down on a hard candy or lolly, it can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to tooth health. They can easily cause chipping or cracking, or parts of the candy can become lodged between tooth and gum, which can be extremely uncomfortable. They are also notorious for damaging existing dental work, including fillings or crowns.

4. Dried Fruit

Though dried fruit is a popular choice for those after a healthy snack, it’s an extremely sticky snack, and therefore a troublesome food when it comes to chipping or damaging teeth. Sticky foods tend to stay on your teeth longer – so make sure you rinse your mouth out with plenty of water, and floss your teeth directly after eating dried fruit or anything else sticky.

How to fix chipped teeth

If a piece of your tooth enamel has chipped off, the best course of repair is to attend your dentist’s office and arrange a filling. Depending on the level of damage that has been caused, your dentist may smooth the edge of your teeth in a procedure called cosmetic contouring, or they may use a conditioning liquid and resin combination in a process called ‘bonding’ to fill in any gaps.

Protect your teeth with Pitt Street Dental

Here at Pitt Street Dental in Sydney, we offer a wide range of options when it comes to tooth fillings and cracking repairs. And, once one of our highly trained dentists has completed your tooth filling, we’ll provide you with comprehensive aftercare instructions. If you’re in need of a tooth filling or repair, book a cosmetic dentistry appointment at Pitt Street Dental Centre today.

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