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Tooth Fillings

Maybe the sound of the dental drills haunt you from a dental visit you had as a child, or you might have heard horror stories from friends or family. Regardless of the source of the trauma, the sheer mention of “tooth fillings” is enough to send a shiver down the spine of most people.

Dentistry has come a long way since many adults may have experienced their first tooth filling, with technological advancements improving both the materials and method used.

Popping in to get a tooth filling at Pitt Street Dental Clinic in Sydney during your lunch break is now a reality thanks to technological advancements and our convenient location, so don’t put off that tooth filling any longer!


What is a Tooth Filling?

A tooth can become compromised by decay caused by a combination of factors such as mouth bacteria, sugary food and drinks and poor dental hygiene. Over time, these factors can weaken enamel, break down the tooth and cause a cavity.

Once a cavity has formed, the tooth will continue to decay and become increasingly painful until a dentist is able to treat it.

Depending on the level of damage to the tooth, a dentist may recommend a tooth filling to fill in the cavity, repairing the damage caused by the decay and preventing bacteria from attacking the cavity further.

If the decay is beyond repairable by a filling, your dentist may suggest a root canal to repair the tooth or tooth extraction to remove the tooth completely. We will discuss different options to replace the tooth if required. 

Type of Fillings

Pitt Street Dental Centre is a mercury-free practice, meaning Dr Cai and his team will not use dental amalgam – a material composed of mercury, silver, tin and copper – to restore your teeth.

When you do need a tooth filling, Pitt Street Dental Centre have a range of options that offer strong and highly aesthetic solutions that are far more natural looking than amalgam or gold fillings.


Fillings: Composite Resin

These fillings are a preferred filling type for many dentists and patients as they are ‘invisible’, blending into the patients’ teeth.

Composite resin fillings also adhere to the tooth better than amalgam fillings, bonding to the existing tooth. The filling is hardened in a few seconds using a special light placed into the mouth.

For those who shudder at the sound of the drill, a composite filling may be preferred because it requires less drilling, preserving the maximum amount of tooth. Research has proven them to be about 90% as strong as healthy, natural tooth material.


Indirect Restoration: Ceramic Inlays

While a composite resin filling is a direct restoration and can be completed in the chair in one sitting, a ceramic inlay is an indirect restoration requiring more than one visit to your dentist.

Ceramic inlays and composite resin fillings both involve the removal of decay before the tooth cavity is filled in. In the case of a ceramic inlay, an impression is made of the cavity and sent off to a dental lab where a ceramic inlay is made to the exact size and shape of the tooth cavity.

A ceramic inlay also strengthens the tooth, as the inlay is cemented into the tooth cavity.

Tooth Filling Aftercare

After you have had your tooth filling with one of our highly trained dentists at Pitt Street Dental, we will provide you with some aftercare instructions.

While composite resin fillings are dried and cured by the time you leave our dental clinic, you may still be experiencing the effects of the anaesthetic.

Our general advice is to avoid consuming any food or drink until the anaesthetic has worn off, which will help to avoid any injuries, scolds or other issues.


Choose Pitt Street Dental for Tooth Fillings

At Pitt Street Dental Centre, we pride ourselves on providing excellence in cosmetic dentistry.

If you have been putting off a trip to the dentist, don’t wait any longer – trust our friendly, professional team at Pitt Street Dental Centre to ease your worries and exceed your expectations.

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Disclaimer: All treatment carries risks. Individual consultations are required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. Contact us for more information. Rebates may vary depending on your individual health fund.



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*Disclaimer: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.



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