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Has your dentist discovered a cavity in your tooth? They may recommend a dental filling to minimise further damage and to keep your tooth protected. As cavities weaken the tooth structure, compromised teeth become more susceptible to infection, further decay and the possibility of requiring extraction.

Tooth fillings can be a daunting process for patients; regardless of age or severity. When it comes to your dental filling procedure, your dentist will ensure that you’re comfortable and calm throughout the process with discomfort management techniques and support.

Learn more about the dental fillings process and get to know the symptoms of a tooth cavity.


Do You Need Dental Fillings?

While only a dentist can determine if you need fillings, you may notice a variety of signs and symptoms that indicate a dental issue. Pay close attention to pain and discomfort, look for visual clues and ultimately see your dentist for expert advice on whether a tooth filling is required.


Signs and Symptoms

A number of signs and symptoms can suggest a potential tooth cavity requiring a filling. Generally detectable at home, common indicators of a cavity include:

  • Excessive tooth sensitivity with hot or cold temperatures
  • Tooth pain when biting or chewing
  • Food commonly getting stuck around certain teeth
  • Dark holes or spots that you can see or feel with your tongue
  • Visible chips or fractures

If you experience any of the above symptoms, make an appointment with your dentist. A good dentist will be able to recommend the right treatment according to your unique circumstances.


Help from Your Dentist

As skilled in identifying and treating cavities, your dentist will be able to determine your level of tooth decay and if a filling is required. Common methods include:

  • Observation

    • While some discoloured spots on teeth may indicate decay, dentists also use instruments to probe for possible cavities that may not be obvious initially.
  • X-rays

    • X-rays are sometimes used to show decay developing in the enamel on the sides of teeth as well as in the dentin under enamel.


Expert Advice on Tooth Fillings in Sydney

If you suspect a cavity or dental issue that may need a tooth filling, make an appointment with your local dentist. As an experienced family dentist in Sydney, Pitt St Dental Centre welcomes patients of all ages.

Providing dental fillings services and a wide range of skilled dentistry advice, we make the fillings process quick, comfortable and convenient. We complete thorough dental assessments and utilise leading equipment and technology to accurately identify and treat cavities before they worsen. Centred on protecting and strengthening your teeth, our fillings help you take better care of your dental health.

Book an appointment with our experienced Sydney dentists. Contact us on (02) 9223 4767.



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