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By today’s standards, it’s essential that individuals and businesses are doing as much as they can to reduce environmental impact and operate in as eco-friendly a manner as possible. In terms of dentist offices, that’s where the term ‘eco dental’ comes into play.

Eco dental, or eco-friendly dentistry is an approach designed to make every aspect of the dental experience as environmentally conscious as possible.

Want to know more about eco dentistry, and learn about how it could benefit you as a patient? Read on for our comprehensive guide to the rising trend of eco dental treatments in Australia.

What is eco dental?

Named because of its focus on sustainability and environmental health benefits, ‘eco dental’ refers to oral health care and treatments that are delivered using materials and technologies that are eco-friendly and designed with environmental impact in mind.

The term ‘eco dentistry’ has been trademarked in the United States by the Eco-Dentistry Association. Dental practices can apply for official eco dentistry certifications, or can simply incorporate eco-friendly procedures into their practices.

Benefits of eco dental

The following are benefits you’ll reap if opting for eco dental treatments and procedures:

Less exposure to radiation

As eco dental practices utilise digital radiography technology, the need for a traditional X-ray is eliminated. Digital radiography exposes patients to 90 per cent less radiation than a traditional X-ray, so you’ll benefit from less exposure to these harmful radiation waves.

Fewer disposable materials

Instead of discarding of multiple bibs, head rest covers and surgery gowns every day, eco-friendly dental practices use appropriate sanitisation and high quality washing machines to reduce waste and eliminate the use of disposable paper covering products.

Metal-free dental treatments

For many, a common fear is a dentist’s clunky metal tools or fixtures. If you’d rather a more natural-looking treatment, an eco-dentistry may be for you. As well as receiving a comfortable and natural-looking restorative within your mouth or on your teeth, you’ll be protecting the environment from copious amounts of metal waste.

Why eco dental is the right choice

As well as the above benefits, there are plenty of deciding factors if you’re considering seeking treatment from an eco-friendly dentist. As well as different treatment techniques and technologies, eco dental practices make conscious choices to ensure everything within their building is abiding by environmentally sound practices. This means you may spot energy-efficient light bulbs or low flowing sinks and toilets to conserve water. Other, less noticeable changes may include paints that decrease the amount of toxins in the air.

Finding out whether your current dentist abides by eco-friendly dental techniques is easy – simply ask them during their next visit, or check their website for information about environmentally conscious treatments and features.

Protect your teeth with Pitt Street Dental

Here at Pitt Street Dental in Sydney, we utilise a range of high quality, eco-friendly dental technologies to make your treatment as optimal and environmentally conscious as possible. Call our dental centre on (02) 9223 4767 to book an appointment.

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