Stephanie Darling, from the Sydney Morning Herald, chooses Pitt Street Dental as her Sydney Dentist and recently came by to road test a teeth workout.

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Road Test

This week I try … a teeth workout

The lowdown

I am at Pitt Street Dental in Sydney for my six-monthly clean with dental hygienist Christine. She is nothing if not exacting in her cleansing skills. The process starts with the dental pick (scaler), which she works over my teeth and around my gums; they’re pretty prone to plaque build-up, which can then turn into tartar.

Christine takes no prisoners and admonishes me gently for my lack of flossing. A high-powered water spray clears away debris, followed by a brushing with fluoridated toothpaste and a thorough flossing. To finish, fluoride is applied to my teeth using a mouthguard.

Pain factor Keeping my highly developed gag reflex under control when the mouthguard is inserted is always a challenge.

Results I love the way my teeth feel after this treatment. All the tartar is gone, leaving my mouth and teeth feeling very fresh.

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