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At Pitt St Dental Centre, Situated in Sydney CBD, Pitt St Dental centre provides general, cosmetic and orthodontic treatment, braces and Invisalign solutions are centred on enhancing your overall health and wellbeing, not just your appearance.

Orthodontics offers more than just aesthetic benefits, helping to minimise gum disease and decay while also increasing your confidence and self-esteem. Here are the top benefits of orthodontics – that don’t have anything to do with exclusively improving your looks.


Psychological Benefits

Crowded or crooked teeth and misaligned bites can result in feelings of embarrassment and insecurity. At Pitt St Dental Centre, many of our patients opt for orthodontic treatments, braces or Invisalign to overcome insecurities or concerns and to regain confidence over their smiles and overall appearance.

We offer a range of affordable and effective treatments, including invisible braces, to get you smiling with confidence.


Physiological Benefits

Properly aligned teeth offer a wide range of health benefits and a minimised risk of tooth decay. Easier to clean and maintain, ideally positioned teeth are less prone to gingivitis, recession and gum disease. You’re able to practice comprehensive dental care to prevent bacteria build up and keep your mouth feeling fresh.


Bite Correction

Patients with misaligned bites often report pain and aches in jaw muscles and joints – a direct result of uneven pressure from a misaligned bite. Whether you’re impacted by an overbite, underbite or narrow bite, orthodontics offers tailored solutions to correct your bite, reduce teeth crowding and minimise future complications.

By correcting bites with orthodontic treatments, you alleviate pain and discomfort. Dental care and maintenance is easier as flossing and brushing becomes more effective and comprehensive. You’ll also find that your chewing is more consistent, helping to enhance your digestion.


Interceptive Orthodontic Benefits

Interceptive orthodontics is all about preventing more severe and complex problems later in life. While interceptive orthodontics can be beneficial for patients of all ages, we recommend visits beginning in childhood or adolescence.

Benefits of interceptive orthodontics include better prognoses on teeth development, the ability to address disruptive developmental habits, correcting misaligned bites, preventing and minimising pain caused by potential complications and ensuring that patients have full mouth function and mobility.


Cost Benefits

With smart and proactive orthodontic treatments, you’ll see an overall improvement in your dental health. It’ll also be easier to keep on top of dental maintenance and care. This results in fewer visits to the dentist and a lowered risk of complications and concerns caused by gum, teeth and mouth issues. With dentist visits and treatments minimised, you save on treatment and consultation costs.

If you’re weighing up the costs of orthodontic treatments, let our dentists put things into perspective. We provide personalised and realistic advice on effective and rewarding treatments within your budget.


Improved Gum Health

Misaligned bites and crooked teeth can make dental care and maintenance a lot harder – even for dedicated brushers and flossers. Hard-to-reach gaps and spaces between teeth and gums can unintentionally become neglected, resulting in a build up of bacteria and a higher risk of complications.

By undergoing orthodontic treatments to align and straighten teeth, you make brushing and flossing more effective. You lessen your chances of gingivitis, recession and gum disease and improve your overall gum health in the long run.


Manage Sleep Apnoea

Orthodontic treatments have been linked to preventing and improving sleep apnoea conditions. Able to rectify breathing or swallowing problems, orthodontics can minimise snoring and the prevalence of sleep apnoea. If you suffer from sleep apnoea, chat with your doctor and your dentist to create an allied health plan tailored to your condition.



Not just for preventing dental complications, orthodontic treatments can be used in restorative dentistry. From jaw pain to tooth decay, dentists draw upon orthodontic treatments to offer restorative dental services, including root canal treatments, to alleviate pain and provide relief.


Orthodontic Treatment in Sydney

Situated in Sydney CBD, Pitt St Dental Centre provides general, cosmetic and orthodontic treatment.

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