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Keeping on top of your oral hygiene not only makes your mouth feel clean; it also has a range of benefits, such as preventing tooth decay and gum disease, removing bacteria that can cause bad breath and keeping those pearly whites looking their best.

At Pitt Street Dental, it is our mission to ensure you have a great smile, and part of that is keeping you, our clients, educated on the best ways to improve the health of your teeth and your mouth overall. 

As professional dental practitioners with 25 years of experience, our Sydney dentists have pulled together some simple, yet highly effective tips to improve your oral hygiene and keep your teeth looking fresh.


1. Brush at Least Twice a Day

One of the most important tips we have might seem like obvious advice to some, but for those who didn’t listen to their parents or their previous dentist, you should make sure you brush your teeth for at least two minutes, twice daily.

Brushing your teeth with the correct technique in the morning and night will help to remove any plaque build up from your teeth and gums and banish any bacteria or leftover foot particles in your mouth.

You should spend at least two minutes brushing your teeth to ensure all areas are cleaned, which includes cleaning the;

  • Gum line
  • Inside of your teeth
  • Outside of your teeth
  • Biting surface of each tooth


And if your toothbrush if looking a little worse for wear, invest in a new toothbrush – as long as you are using the correct technique, you can use either an electric toothbrush or a manual toothbrush to clean your teeth and mouth.


2. Floss Regularly

Many clients admit to not flossing as regularly as they should, but there is a reason that dentists recommend it to improve your oral hygiene.

Flossing allows you to clean in the tight spaces in between your teeth, often where your toothbrush cannot reach. By removing food particles and plaque build up between your teeth while it is soft, you can reduce the likelihood of the plaque hardening and leading to tooth decay down the track.


3. Limit Sugary & Acidic Drinks

Limiting soft drinks, energy drinks, sugary juices and acidic “diet” drinks will not only help your oral hygiene; it will also have benefits to the rest of your body.

Sugary and acidic drinks consumed during the day can cause damage to your teeth over time. The high sugar content of many drinks and foods can increase your mouth acidity, as sugar is converted into acid in the mouth. This highly acidic environment wears down the tooth enamel, leading to teeth discolouration and cavities in your teeth.


4. Get Regular Check-ups From Your Sydney Dentist

When you have a team of dentists who are as invested in customer satisfaction as we are at Pitt Street Dental Centre, booking an appointment for a check-up won’t be such a hassle.

At Pitt Street Dental Centre, we encourage all our patients to schedule regular dental check ups with us – at least twice a year – so that we can help you to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

With each check up, our team of skilled Sydney dentists can remove calculus and plaque build up, discuss any concerns you may have about your teeth, answer any questions you have about oral hygiene and investigate any problem areas, using x-rays if required, to ensure we prevent issues and maintain your oral health.

We are passionate about oral hygiene at Pitt Street Dental; so it is a priority to us to ensure each of our clients understand how to successfully care for their teeth and gums at home using simple steps. Taking care of your teeth for as little as five minutes each day will ensure your teeth, gums and mouth are healthy for years to come.

Contact Pitt Street Dental today to find out why our customers can’t wait to book their next dental check up with our Sydney dentists.

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