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Finding a professional dentist who will listen to your concerns and provide the care and treatment you require can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack; there are endless professionals out there who could do the job, but how do you find a dentist in Sydney who will give you the best experience?

Whether you have moved to a new area and need a new dentist or you have been putting off a visit because you get anxious just thinking about sitting in the chair, it is important to do some initial research to narrow down your options.

Don’t wait until that toothache escalates to unbearable pain or you lose that loose filling while eating; start to consider your options now to find the best dentist in Sydney. But where do you even start looking for a great dentist?


Check Out References, Referrals and Reviews

A dentist’s website may only give you the basics about the dentist, their practice and their services, which doesn’t make your job easy when it comes to choosing the best dentist.

Unless you are looking for a dentist in Sydney and come across Pitt Street Dental Centre – our website is full of useful information about our treatments, services and dental practitioners.


Referrals from Family & Friends

Before you turn to Google to glance through pages of websites, you should gather advice from friends and family on which dentist they visit and why; your family and friends are more likely to have your best interests at heart, recommending you to see a dentist in Sydney where they have personally had a good experience.

This is a great place to start, as you’re guaranteed a small handful of dentist surgeries to look up and look into.


Online Reviews & Ratings

Online reviews can offer a great overall insight into a business, often displaying a basic star rating accompanied by a written review, which gives an account of another patient’s experience.

However, everyone’s experience will be different, and disgruntled customers may share their opinion more openly than customers who had an exceptional experience, bringing the company’s average rating down.


Evaluate the Small Things

Once you have narrowed down your list of potential new dentists, it is worth considering the small things that set one dentist apart from another.  


Location, Location, Location

Finding the ultimate dentist may be a seemingly useless venture if they live an hour drive away! When you research your potential dentist, look at the proximity of your home and/or work place to the dental surgery.

If you more likely to visit the dentist on your lunch break from work, having a dentist close to work is crucial. However, if you’re looking at a dentist to provide care for your whole family, finding a dentist close to home with after hours emergency dental services may be more important to you.

The location of the dental practice may also affect the parking or access to public transport, so it is worthwhile weighing up these elements in your choice.



Affordability can be a major factor when it comes to choosing the right dentist and making regular appointments; if the costs are too high, a patient may avoid their regular check up or visit for that niggling issue.

We recommend contacting a few different dentists in Sydney to get some quotes on their treatments, keeping in mind that your health insurance, Medicare and the complexity of each treatment can affect the total cost of any individual treatment.


Range of Service

Is it important to you to have a dentist in Sydney who offers emergency after hours dental or do you need a dentist who specialises in a particular area, such as overcrowding or Cleft Palate?

Finding a dentist with specialist experience that is relevant to you will help you feel more comfortable and ultimately, give you the best outcome from each dentist visit.


Why Pitt Street Dental is your best choice for a dentist in Sydney

Pitt Street Dental is a dentist in Sydney with a difference. Our passionate team take exceptional pride in our work; our highly trained dental practitioners are committed to providing the best quality of care for every patient who visits us.

We aim to build trust with our patients through open communication, a relaxed atmosphere and exceeding each patient’s treatment expectations.

Contact Pitt Street Dental today to find out why everyone – from office workers to celebrities – trusts us to care for and treat their pearly whites.

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